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Become a successful entrepreneur with our new and unique stroke therapy.


The recoverifranchise concept allows entrepreneurs to use recoverineurotechnology to treat patients' motor disabilities throughout an entire region. 

By servicing a complete region, you create a unique selling proposition because there is no treatment comparable to recoveri

Your marketing, accounting, and management efforts and your profit increase exponentially by running several recoveriGYMS. 

You will break-even fast while contributing a successful and sophisticated treatment to the health care system.


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Every two months, all franchisees are invited to join the recoverifranchise meeting virtually. This is the perfect place to share your franchise-life with others, to ask burning questions, learn from others or discuss business related matters. 



Besides the personal training you'll receive once you signed the contract, we also provide self-study material, manuals, working procedures and online courses.

So, whenever you feel like you need a little boost on something specific, you can dig into the training material and refresh your memory or even learn something new!



Are you new to the franchise business world? This sounds all great but a bit scary? Don't worry, we'll take you by the hand and guide you through the self-determined franchise business. 

Therefore, we would be happy to meet with you in person or virtually. Book a meeting with us to learn everything about your new recoverifranchise business. 

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recoveriis a unique combination of 3 therapies


A neurological disorder might inhibit your ability to move, but maybe not your ability to imagine movement! Imagine a hand or a foot movement – the imagination triggers nearly the same activity in the brain as a real hand or foot movement. This is what exactly recoveriX uses for your therapy! With three different kinds of neurofeedback, recoveriX improves your chances for successful therapy.


Motor Imagery (MI)

Imagine a hand or a foot movement. recoveriX measures and analyses brain waves, which reflect the motor imagery and determines whether the motor imagery was correct. Once motor imagery has been recognized, virtual reality and functional electrical stimulation will be activated.

The Positive Impacts

The responsible areas of the brain are activated by the motor imagery, which can facilitate brain plasticity. Unlike conventional physiotherapy, the BCI guarantees that actual movements only occur when people imagine the corresponding movement.  
The simultaneous activation of relevant cortical areas and peripheral neurons encourages Hebbian learning.

Virtual Reality (VR)

The simulation on the screen makes motor imagery visible. Patients sit in front of a screen, where they see hands and feet of an avatar. This gives patients the feeling of watching their own movements in front of a mirror. If recoveriX recognizes motor imagery of the movement (such as a right hand movement), the avatar moves the right hand.

The Positive Impacts

This real-time feedback is very easy to understand. If a patient imagines a movement, then the avatar performs the movement.
The experience is similar to watching yourself in a mirror. It can facilitate mirror neuron activation. 

Electrical Stimulation (FES)

For this stimulation, two electrodes are placed (for example) on the dorsiflexors of the wrist or on the leg. If the system recognizes a correct motor imagery, the muscles get electrically stimulated, causing a real movement. This should help you re-learn how to initiate movement, and thus make movement possible again.

The Positive Impacts

The patient receives clear, user-friendly feedback through active movement. Just imagine a movement, and you can see your body move accordingly. 
The patient is motivated because the experience repeatedly reminds the patient of the desired goal: being able to move again. 

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“Here in Finland, we already have a reimbursement code for recoveritherapy, this means that the social security system already pays for the treatment.”

Ville Tuominen
Fysioline Oy, Distributor for Finland

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recoveriX Therapy Highlights

recoveriX therapy has premiered 5 years ago in Schiedlberg (Austria), where the first recoveriX treatment was performed with a patient who suffered from motor disabilities after a stroke.  

Today, we already counted more than 30.000 recoveriX therapies worldwide.


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recoverimade my days worth living again. Since therapy, my motor functions in my right hand improved a lot. I learned to move and control my hand again and I even got my job back as a hairdresser. I never imagined this could be possible. My arm and my hand now belong to my body again.”

Astrid Brandstaetter
Former recoveriX Patient, Austria

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recoveriPatient Experiences



Josef Unterbuch­schachner


Alfred Mühlbacher


Michael Atzmon


Evelyn Giron


Reinhold Ninaus


Günther Hufnagl


Tja Min Hie


Manfred Stangl


Alois Gruber


Ewald Zimmer­mann


Bernhard Fösleitner


Andreas Tsohohey


Karl Einböck


Marlene Mayer­hofer


Marija Pudic


Klaus Brand­stetter


Ingrid Miglbauer


Josef Haslhofer


Astrid Brand­stätter


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I need to get my recoveriX Franchise Business started?

First, you have to select a region and the number of recoveriX Gyms you want to open in order to become a recoveriX franchise partner. Then, you need one or many suitable, accessible location(s) with parking areas where you perform the recoveriX therapies.

Once you organized the infrastructure, you are ready for the recoveriX training in one of the recoveriX Flagship Gyms. Then, the recoveriX system(s) will be installed in your treatment rooms.

Finally, it's time to recruit patients, make appointments and start therapy. 


What costs are involved for running a recoveriX Gym successfully?

You need a therapy space that consists of one or multiple treatment rooms, an entrance area or waiting room and a restroom. The recoveriX system is placed on a table, where the patient and the therapist are seated next to each other. The rent or lease for your therapy space depends on size, region and furniture, but you will need approx. 20-40 sqm. A recoveriX system has a yearly fee + a franchise fee per therapy, and there are the costs of consumables such as EEG gel or FES electrodes.


Get in contact with g.tec to get an offer.

How is the investment and yearly turnover calculated?

The investment includes a yearly fee for the recoveriX system within the first 3 years. The yearly turnover per recoverisystem is € 180.000, calculated with an hourly therapy rate of € 80 and with 90 patients per year. 

How are the cities in this region chosen?
We picked the most important cities in the regions. But you are very welcome to select different, appropriate recoveriX locations. You can also place more recoveriX Gyms in one city or region, with the final goal to reduce travel time of your patients. It’s ideal to reduce travel time to less than 30 minutes. 
What manpower do I need for my recoveriX franchise business?

Ideally, recoveriX appointments for your recoveriX Gyms are made centrally, as well as the recruitment of the patients and the invoicing. The recoveriX therapy can be performed by physical therapists, occupational therapists, medical doctors or trained personnel under the supervision of you or your recoveriX franchise manager. 

How much reimbursement can I get?

The recoveriX reimbursement depends on the local health care system. Usually, regional  reimbursement codes can be billed, for example physical therapy, occupational therapy, mirror neuron therapy, functional electrical stimulation or motor movement imagery. recoveriX therapy performs three of these therapies at once:

  1. functional electrical stimulation
  2. mirror neuron therapy
  3. motor movement imagery

Therefore, you might be able to charge these three for the recoveriX therapy. 

How and where can I find recoveriX patients?

Make sure to inform local hospitals, rehabilitation centres and medical practices, self-help groups and physicians about your recoveriX therapy in order to send you patients. It's highly beneficial if you report about successful recoveriX treatments with patients in local media and newspapers. TV podcasts are a great way to show your recoveriX success to a broad audience. 

Why is recoveriX franchise cost-effective?

The initial costs are divided into fixed costs and franchise fees to minimize the risk of investment. The recoveriX therapy is self-running for 45 minutes, this allows you to treat another patient at the same time. 

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Open Your recoveriX Gym!

Become a franchise partner and benefit from the competitive advantage of an innovative stroke rehabilitation approach today!


  1. Take over a complete region

    Choose your regions and get in touch with g.tec medical engineering to sign the contract. 

  2. Get your recoveriX Gyms running

    Select recoveriX Gym locations, train your personnel and install the recoveriX systems.
  3. Start treatment and make money

    Schedule appointments with your patients and treat them with recoveriX.

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The Green Room Physical Therapy
16 North Greenbush Road, Suite 203
Troy, New York 12180


Mengumino Hospital
Dr. Kyousuke Kamada
Sapporo, Japan


Asahikawa Medical University Hospital
Dr. Tetsuo Ota
Asahikawa, Hokkaido | Japan


recoveriX gym Barcelona
g.tec medical engineering Spain S.L.
Barcelona | Spain


Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts | USA


University of Calgary
Pediatric Stroke Program Alberta Children's Hospital
Pediatrics and Clinical Neurosciences Cumming School of Medicine
Dr. Adam Kirton
Calgary,  Alberta | Canada


Swedish Medical Center
Colorado | USA


Hammel Neurocenter
Hammel | Denmark


Tam's at Kahala Nui
Honolulu, Hawaii


Toimintakeidas Oy
Helsinki | Finland


Vetrea Neuron Kupoli
Itkonniemenkatu 9 | 70500 Kuopio


Kruunupuisto, Finland


Sheng Kung Hui Center of Wellness
Hong Kong | China


Technical University Iași
Iași | Romania


Medipoint Medical Center, Turkey


Fysio Center Jyväskylä Oy
Jyväskylä | Finland


Vähänkyröntie 12
66500 VÄHÄKYRÖ | | Finland


National Institute for Minamata Disease
Dr. Massaki Nakamura
Kumamoto | Japan


National Rehabilitation Center
Insu-dong, Seoul
South Korea


Max Planck Institute, Germany


Bad Hall, Austria


Graz, Austria


Schladming, Austria


recoveriX Gym Dubrovnik
Poliklinika Marin Med
Ul. dr. Ante Starčevića 45 
20000 Dubrovnik


AdventHealth for Children
Dr. Milena Korostenskaja
Orlando, Florida | USA


Tutorisfysio Oy
Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Erikoiskuntoutus
Oulu | Finland


University of Palermo, Italy


Trier University of Applied Sciences
Department for Medical Engineering
Dr. Jörg Lohscheller
Trier | Germany


University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dr. Vivek Prabhakaran
Madison, Wisconsin | USA


East China University of
Science and Technology
Prof. Jing Jin
Shanghai | China


Tutoris Oy - Pirkanmaan Aluekeskus
Tampere | Finland


National Hospital of Paraplegics, Spain


Klaipeda Seamen's Hospital
Mr. Vaidas Petrulevicius, Occupational Therapist
92288 Klaipeda, Lithuania


Cape Town, South Africa


Lagos, Nigeria


COUNTRIESthat are already using recoveriX


THERAPIESdone with recoveriX worldwide


SYMPTOMSthat are treated with recoveriX